The name of our holiday apartment refers to the old sanatorium, “Sanna” in popular parlance.

The Art Deco-style building designed by the Ghent architect Maurice Aubert was inaugurated in 1953.

In the Denderoord, a place with clean air and lots of sun, people with tuberculosis and dusty lungs came for treatment. The large windows provided a lot of (curative) light. The hospital has been used as a nursing home since 1982.

The “Sanna” is located in an interesting geological site. The ‘Buizemont’ is part of the witness hill of the Oudenberg, located between the Marque and the Dendre, from where other witness hills of the Flemish Ardennes and the Pays des Collines are visible. The Boelarebos, which lies at the foot of the Denderoord, is a remnant of the great Kolenwoud. The area on the side is a place where Tertiary sandstones emerge with traces of fossils. The Lessines porphyry quarries are also visible from the border of Overboelare and Twee-Acren.